New York Catering Hot Buffet

15 Person Minimum
(Includes Brick Oven Breads, Chef Salad & Dessert of the Day)
Call For Fresh Market Pricing

MENU SIX 2023 ($41.95pp)
Grilled NY Steak - Mushrooms & Brandy Sauce
Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon
Homemade Mashed Potatoes
Vegetable Sauté

MENU SEVEN 2023 ($37.95pp)
Sauteed Chicken, Balsamic Cream Sauce
Pan Seared Branzino – Tomato & Olive
Root Vegetable Sauté
Wheatberry & Fresh Mushrooms

MENU EIGHT 2023 ($32.95pp)
Chicken Tarragon with Mustard Sauce
Sesame Crusted Salmon – Chablis Wine Sauce
Oven Roasted Vegetables
Lemon Orzo - diced peppers
MENU NINE 2023 ($32.95pp)
Stuffed Chicken – Low Fat Mozzarella
Maple Mustard Salmon – Fresh Chives
Quinoa & Vegetable Pilaf
Organic Kale Sauté

MENU TEN 2023 
Roasted Chicken – Orange & Fennel
Fresh Seabass – Lemon Cilantro
Rosemary Herb Purple Potatoes
Fire Grilled Vegetables