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(hot buffet)

*Shamrock Chicken

*Sliced Corned Beef & Cabbage

*Seasoned Red Potatoes

*Vegetable Fritters

*Irish Soda Breads & Rolls

*Four Leaf Salad

*Bread Pudding & Homemade Sweets

$26.95 per person (20-person minimum) Includes chafing dish, sternos, clear plastic plates, forks, knives, serve utensils & paper dinner napkins



“Saint Patty Sandwich Line up”

 Corned Beef Potato Hash Slider

 Corned Turkey – slaw, thousand Island & Jarlsberg

 Fresh Ham, Irish blue cheese & apple slaw (Green Wrap)  

 Spinach & Artichoke Panini (v)  

 O’Malley’s Rotini Pasta (spinach dressing)  

 Four Leaf Salad – cucumber vinaigrette

Lucky Charm Dessert Bards

$15.50 per person (10-person minimum)

Includes eco friendly plates, napkins & cutlery




  • Finger Food Menu Suggestions -

Irish Sausage & Mashed mini Sliders

Corned Beef & Hash mini Slider

Green Devilled Eggs

Irish Cheddar Mac, Cheese & Potato eggroll

Guinness Beer Battered Shrimp

Vegetable Fritters – served with apple sauce

Spinach Pops – served with wasabi horseradish

Sweet Green Pea Hummus &Irish Kettle Chips

$369.00 12 to 15 persons

$679.00 25 to 30 persons

Includes cocktail plates, green & white napkins & serve utensils

Please add 15% delivery & NYS sales tax, VALID 3-12-2018 THRU 3-17-18